Our Mission

The mission of Zona Properties, Inc. Real Estate Management is to provide a service to owners of residential and commercial real estate in the greater Monroe County area. This service is to provide professional, honest and quality management of their residential and commercial properties.

All properties will be maintained and managed to aid the property owner in receiving the maximum return on his investment. This will be accomplished by servicing the buildings and tenants with a professional staff following procedures that are designed to enhance the owner’s assets.

Our Statement of Operations

Zona Properties, Inc. Real Estate Management will represent the interests of the owner in all matters according to the guidelines of the fair housing law and any and all laws regarding local and federal housing.

Zona Properties, Inc. Real Estate Management will maintain a fiduciary responsibility to the building owner. The laws of ethics as prescribed by the National Apartment Managers Association, Institute of Real Estate Management and the New York State Board of Realtors will define this duty. Zona Properties will attempt to carry out the wishes of the owner in all matters except where contrary to company policies or local and federal law.

Zona Properties, Inc. Real Estate Management will also maintain a fair policy on all matters regarding tenants. Zona Properties shall treat all tenants as a secondary employer and they shall be offered every courtesy possible. Tenants shall be entitled to a clean, safe and efficient apartment and Zona Properties, Inc. shall work with both the owners and the tenants to see that this environment is maintained.


Phone: (585) 506-9430
Fax: (585) 506-9432
Email: dick.zona@zonaproperties.com

Mailing Address

Zona Properties, Inc.
P.O. Box 17937
Rochester, New York 14617

Office Address

251 Joseph Ave./Wilson Commencement Park 
Rochester, NY 14605