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Can a Tenant Sue the City (government) for being evicted??? - Zona Properties, Inc.

There was an interesting case in the city of Rochester. A tenant was recently evicted from her apartment because the police were called to the building for domestic disturbance too many times. The crux of the matter is that the City of Rochester has a law on the books (that may be also on other municipalities records) that states that if the a property owner has a building that is deemed a public nuisance the city can place ‘points’ on the property. If a property is assessed too many points in a short period of time the property can be confiscated by the city (in the extreme) or possibly shut down from doing business. The original purpose of the law was so places that harbor drug houses, prostitution and other crimes could be shut down. The most common measure the city uses to establish placing points on a property is by the number of times the police are involved in the property and the seriousness of the calls.
In this case we are led to believe (by newspaper accounts) that the tenant was a long term tenant, a good tenant that always paid her rent on time. She had a boyfriend that abused her. The police were called numerous times and finally informed the landlord that the issue had become a nuisance and they were placing points on the building. The landlord cancelled her lease with a 30 day notice. She moved from the property and subsequently began a lawsuit against the city because (I believe) she was evicted for no reason other than she was a battered woman. Is this fair? Is this legal? Is this the right thing to do morally?